For us it is all about off-the-beaten-track, whenever two trails diverge we take the one less traveled by.  That makes all the difference……

The experiences we offer follow a special strategy, where we are committed to specializing in high-end nature and culture trips full of adventure and socio-cultural experiences in an exclusive/deluxe format.

Surely our routes will include the visits to monasteries, forts and festivals but in a different way that you are used to. Our exceptional experts engage travelers so that they experience a more holistic immersion into the Bhutanese environment, nature and way of life.

We are pioneers and LamaBhutan is the sole company offering all-mountain biking, cultural off-road 4×4 driving and helicopter-hiking tours while staying in exclusive and high-end accommodation.

Of course these experiences can be seen as building blocks and we also gladly offer great combinations of all these!

With us its Unique, not Posh

Our luxury and deluxe escorted small group tours are specially designed for those who wish to travel in a different way, in a very special way. Be it by exclusive off-road 4×4 vehicles, helicopter, plane or other means, we manage to keep you off-the-beaten track and let you reach those remote hidden gems in an exclusive manner.

Our tours are tailored to your demands as travellers be it as a couple, as a solo traveller, or with a group of family or friends.  Alternatively you can join any of our exclusive organized group adventures.

Whichever way and with whom you decide to travel, the exciting benefits of the outstanding knowledge of our team are all yours, as in the small privately guided tours.

At LamaBhutan we provide the friendly atmosphere that Bhutan’s Land of Hapiness deserves and that is the country’s trademark.  You get to stay longer in selected spots, so you can relax and take the scenery in, without having the feeling of rushing, without the feeling of needing to grab it all at once.  We extend our personal experiences and our care, so you can enjoy your trip and share moments of a lifetime with family and friends, and you can appreciate the people of Bhutan, their culture, their history, their art, the scenery and the stunning nature.

Amazing boutique-hotels

The special boutique-hotels we select are more than a selection of world-class hotels, it is a collection of rare adventures and experiences, providing our travelers intimate encounters with parts of Bhutan not many get to know, enabling the chance to slow down and truly discover them.

Each boutique-hotel is deeply rooted in its community and dedicated to protecting the surrounding nature, habitat and culture, harnessing their magic to safeguard them for the future.

They are relatively small boutique-hotels with a very limited number of rooms, perfectly matching our philosophy of small is big, less is more.

Very Special

All our Adventures are unique, active itineraries for adrenaline-ready travelers that combine the great outdoors and nature, spectacular places, cultural interaction and physical hiking. You’ll explore fascinating, off-the-beaten-path places which we have been carefully routed specially for our travelers.

When you step into the world of our Adventure, you experience “adventure” in every sense of the word. You trek across mountain passes; off-road 4X4 driving, heli-hiking, MTB and traverse hiking legendary landscapes.

The adventure is also a cultural one – whether you’re staying in a village among a local family in a home-stay, or visiting a hill-top monastery of young teenagers. There is always this rare combination of the adventure and people.

It’s also a personal adventure; a spiritual one with local monks, an intellectual one discussing Happiness with locals or a physical challenge that is tailored according to your interests and abilities.

Our trips are well paced and our innovative itineraries are filled with opportunities for you to explore, choose the trail that suits you best. Go on that extra hike and when you feel like it, just halt, look around, enjoy, absorb the air and the view. Top-it off with a relaxing hot-stone bath at the hotel.


A key part of experiencing Bhutan with us intimately is getting away from the crowds. We limit our group size to 12 – 16 so that we can move with agility, assimilate easily into local communities, and enjoy every place we visit in depth. Our small numbers allow us to take advantage of many unexpected adventures, invitations and opportunities that arise on our trips. We can stay in cozy home-stays, deluxe tented camps, and mountain lodges that reflect the local character and don’t have room for larger groups. Prepare for surprises.

Your traveling partners, exactly like you, are a great part of the fun. They are like-minded people with diverse experiences who are game for the adventure of a lifetime, passionate about the outdoors and thrilled to be exploring new territories.


All-Mountain Biking (MTB) in Bhutan is nascent, that is why it is so stunning. The trails are ancient walking and mule trading trails which are just being re-discovered and cleared for MTB.
The topography is mountainous and dramatic, single trails that can drop from 4,300 meters and above sheer 2,000 meters in less than 10km of a single trail, via dense forests and rock-gardens.

It is special since it is high in altitude, very high. Breathtaking, literally. But the views of the highest mountains, the Himalayan peaks, are un-beatable. It is as high as it can get in the world.
It is not only the challenge and experience of the trails, the stunning landscapes, the nature, the air, the atmosphere and the amazing people of Bhutan, it is the combination of it all that makes this adventure so special. A real once-in-a-lifetime treat.

We have ridden these trails ourselves – we can tell you they are fabulous.
You’ll bring with you your own beloved bike, since none is available for rent locally. But all the rest is taken care off and provided by our local well-coordinated team; a leader and guide, bike-mechanic, transportation to the head of the trails and ferry, the special food we need and all the rest.

We are ready to lead you on the bike, through the amazing trails that will take you to explore the limits of the spectacular Bhutan’s Himalayas.



We love Off-Road 4X4 vehicles, as the mean to take us to places that otherwise are not accessible.  We love to drive them ourselves, off-road, where possible. So much different from the ordinary way of being driven as tourists from point to point.
For us it’s the complete Journey that matters, not just the Destination.

Our vehicles take us far off the usual tourist path, in one adventurous epic journey.

Over the course of the journey, we drive on non-tar trails, uphill crossing mountain-passes with breathtaking views and then abruptly downhill, taking us from changing scenery of verdant forests and flower-filled valleys, through alpine forest, open valleys, along the rivers and lakes, lush meadows, rich staircase landscapes, with towering mountain peaks.

Apart from this rich natural beauty, the unique trails take us to remote locations and deeply into the rich traditional culture of Bhutan. Visiting the traditional villages and ancient monasteries and temples are highlights that can hardly be reached in any other way.

A truly unforgettable and unique experience.


Get in touch now and we will get right back to you with an individually tailor-made sample trip.

From there it should be easy to fine tune to your perfect adventure to BHUTAN.

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